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Food Bank

The Morelos Food Bank (BAM) is what was formerly known as the Cuernavaca Food Bank.

We are a non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan civil society organization that was born in October of 1998. We have been fighting hunger in our marginalized communities in Morelos for 25 years.

We are an integral part of BAMX, the Association of Food Banks of Mexico, the network that brings together 54 Food Banks throughout the country that is in charge of supervising, supporting and coordinating to fulfill our mission. 

Our mission

Rescue, collect, select and distribute food to the population in need to combat hunger and malnutrition in Morelos.

Our vision

We want to be the most reliable and recognized organization in the management of food resources to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable families in Morelos.

Our objetive

Create awareness among those who produce, distribute and consume food by promoting the culture of non-waste and achieve a solution to the problem of hunger through donations.

Our values

We serve the most needy. We act with integrity and transparency. We treat everyone with respect, dignity and equality. We team up with everyone.

“If we could save just half of the food that is wasted in Mexico, we could live in a country without hunger”

Lic. María Elena González Navarro, Founder of the Bank

Governing Body

Foto10 María Elena González Navarro.jpg

Lic. María Elena González Navarro


Foto1 Ken Espinoza Sugimura.jpg

Lic. Ken Espinoza Sugimura


Foto11 Teresa Cortez Martínez.jpg

C.P. Teresa Cortez Martínez


Foto13 José Antonio Sandoval Tajonar.jpg

Lic. José Antonio Sandoval Tajonar


Foto15 Severo Alberto Morales Briseño.jpg

Lic. Severo Alberto Morales Briseño


Associate Directors

Foto xy Jorge_Beristain.jpg

Ing. Jorge Beristain Schroeder

Presidente Honorario

Foto3 Patricia Lavin Calderón.jpg

Patricia Lavin Calderón

Comité Comunicación

Foto2 Luis Martinez Lavin.jpg

Ing. Luis Martinez Lavin


Foto16 Diana Paola Vázquez Bon.jpg

Diana Paola Vázquez Bon

Consejo Juvenil

Foto6 Javier Elizalde Valdéz.jpg

Ing. Javier Elizalde Valdéz

Comisión de Transparencia

Foto5 Barbara Ortega.jpg

Psc. Barbara Ortega


Foto12 Víctor Manuel Mendoza.jpg

Ing. Víctor Manuel Mendoza

Comité Finanzas

Foto17 Sara Cristina Bon Bustamante.jpg

Sara Cristina Bon Bustamante


Foto9 Leticia Vargas.jpg

Leticia Vargas

Comité Finanzas

Operative team

Foto4 Rafael Ernesto Jiménez.jpg

Ing. Rafael Ernesto Jiménez

Dirección General

Foto EF Edson Villasana.jpg

Edson Villasana

Comunicación Social

Foto WX Agustina Villalba Verdis.jpg

Lic. Agustina Villalba Verdis


Foto FG Martha Ocampo.jpg

Martha Ocampo

Atención Beneficiarios

Foto YZ Frida García Sanchez.jpg

Frida García Sanchez

Trabajo Social

Foto DE Elsa Contreras.jpg

Elsa Contreras

Auxiliar de Almacén

Our Beneficiaries

A little history

Food Banks in the World

Food banks emerged in the 1960s in the United States. The idea comes from John Van Hengel, a retiree from Phoenix AZ, who, when participating in a fruit and vegetable collection organized by a welfare institution, observed the large number of unemployed and marginalized people who demanded assistance to survive.

Specifically, the idea about the surplus was given to him by a woman, mother of nine children, who told him how she, having her husband in prison, managed to feed all her children by collecting the food that no one recovered. She suggested that Van Hengel tell other mothers about the experience. However, Van Hengel was not content to serve as a transmitter of the message and dedicated himself to organizing the collection of food with volunteers. Thus, in 1967, the first Food Bank was born, “St. Mary's Food Bank” with a handful of volunteers.

The United States Government supported the initiative and the idea spread very quickly, extending to the fifty States of the Union and Puerto Rico. The agro-food industries and the large food distribution chains collaborated with the banks, thus "Second Harvest" was born with its more than 350 donors of national importance, and its network of 181 associated Food Banks, which constitutes the largest organization of US charity. The idea grew and today there are food banks all over the world.

Food Banks in Mexico

Ricardo Bon founded the Mexican Association of Food Banks (AMBA) today Food Banks of Mexico (BAMX) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 1989; with the purpose of creating and promoting the opening of Food Banks throughout the country. The success of the organization has been enormous: today there are 54 Food Banks operating throughout the country, from Chihuahua to Yucatán. BAMX regulates local banks, monitors, unifies criteria and directs joint efforts towards the creation of a well-fed, more dignified and better Mexico for all.

Food Banks in Morelos

Food Banks are philanthropic institutions that rely on the generosity of their donors, as well as the help of volunteers. But, how to create a bridge between food that is wasted and people in need? Elena Gonzalez Navarro took that path in 1997, when she brought together a group of generous people to found the Food Bank in Morelos, a civil society institution that has helped thousands of people to have the food security that they previously lacked. On the one hand thousands of tons of food in Morelos are wasted every year and on the other thousands of families suffer from hunger, BAMX MORELOS emerges as a philanthropic work, emanating from civil society, whose purpose is the eradication of hunger using all the food that is normally wasted in traditional distribution channels.

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